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Anonymous: What are your biggest fears?


To the lose the person I love

Had a really boring day in Fuzhou… We sat in school the whole day and I heard the same lessons as in the years before. But nevertheless the weather was perfect, 27°C!
I love rooftop terraces…

Guess they didn’t know foreign languages when they chose this name… ^^

Everything is so great at the other end of the world and the host family in Fuzhou is so fantastic!

11. April 2014

You won’t believe what host family I got into here in Fuzhou! My partner Olivia is super nice, she plays the piano too and even played eith Lang Lang once, she’s a real genius! Her mom sings so well and is so cute and her dad is really funny too. They have got an amazing house (!!!) in Fuzhou, they even have an own really professional karaoke room, like with everything, not just like singstar ^^ I LOVE IT HERE, I DON’T WANNA GO BACK!!! The only things missing are facebook, snapchat, my friends, Comtesse and my boyfriend…I miss all of you so much!